Insurance Fundamentals Collection

Long-time readers of my blog P2P Connects Us will know that I’m a big advocate of using insurance as a decentralized alternative to monopoly State regulations. I’ve previously written about how insurance can be used to regulate the sharing economy, and also how insurance can be used to deliver justice in cases where regulations aren’t complied with. I was therefore very interested to read the Insurance Fundamentals blog series by Albert Wenger, a partner at the venture capital firm Union Square Ventures. I’ve compiled links to the whole collection below for future reference:

  1. Understanding Insurance Fundamentals
  2. Insurance Fundamentals (Cont’d): Risk Aversion aka Concavity
  3. Insurance Fundamentals (Cont’d): Numerical Example and Reinsurance
  4. Insurance Fundamentals (Cont’d): Moral Hazard
  5. Insurance Fundamentals (Cont’d): Reinsurance Exercise Explained
  6. Insurance Fundamentals (Cont’d): Adverse Selection

Each post is a quick read but very educational and thought-provoking. If you have any interest in learning how the insurance business works, they’re definitely worth a read. While you’re there, go ahead and subscribe to Albert’s blog if you have a Tumblr account – the rest of the content is just as good.

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