Teaching Bitcoin at the Enchanted Forest Gathering

On Sunday July 24, from 1:30 – 3:00pm, I will be giving a workshop at the Enchanted Forest Gathering called “Banking With Bitcoin.” During this talk, I will teach attendees about the basics of Bitcoin, then go on to explain the many ways that Bitcoin can be used to do tasks normally associated with banking. This talk is based on the content published in my book “Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank” and will feature some new content that I plan to publish in the second edition of my book.

Sadly, there is not likely to be very strong wifi or mobile data networks available at the Gathering location so all Bitcoin activities will have to happen purely in the abstract. Nonetheless, I intend for all workshop attendees to walk away feeling confident that they can set up a wallet and get started with Bitcoin upon returning to civilization i.e. somewhere with an internet connection.

Before I was invited (HT Adam B. Levine), I had never heard of the Enchanted Forest Gathering. But I am so glad that I did! This is a description from the event website:

“Celebrated as NorCal’s premiere conscious living, music, and movement festival, Enchanted Forest Gathering creates close-knit community experiences within a fairytale setting of majestic Oak trees at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, CA.”

Here are some photos from past events:

If this year is anything like previous years, it is sure to be a great time! There are going to be other workshops as well on many diverse topics, including “Calligraffiti,” “Detoxing from the Matrix,” “Dance floor politics,” “How to make love like a goddess,” and many more.

I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with fellow festival-goers, and hope to see lots of familiar faces there as well. This will be a good opportunity for the Bitcoin community to share our passion for change and disruptive technology with an open-minded audience, so I encourage you to attend if you can make it.

You can learn more about the festival and register at the event website:


Email is probably the most popular decentralized messaging protocol. Add yourself to my email contacts if you would like to stay in touch!

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