How to enforce the BIP148 UASF with the Electrum bitcoin wallet

During a recent interview I did on This Week In Bitcoin, I was asked how to enforce the BIP148 UASF with the Electrum bitcoin wallet. I didn’t have a quick answer at the time so I decided to write up this guide.

Here are some easy instructions for how to do that:

(You can skip to step 3 if you already have the Electrum bitcoin wallet installed.)

Step 1. Install Electrum

Step 2. Create a new wallet and save your master seed in a safe place. You can also hook up your hardware wallet if you have one. [Ledger] [Trezor]

Step 3. In the menu bar click Tools -> Network

Step 4. Uncheck “Select server automatically”, paste into the Server field, then click OK.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.57.56 AM

That’s it! The wallet is now talking to a server run by Francis Pouliot that will automatically enforce BIP148 for you. Use this wallet for all of your transactions to ensure that your wallet is enforcing BIP148. If you’re really tech-savvy you can also run your own Electrum server and configure it to enforce BIP148 for you.

WARNING: In the event that neither the economic nor hashpower majority supports BIP148 by August 1, you should undo the steps taken here to enforce BIP148. You can do that by checking the “Select server automatically” box on the Network page as in Step 3 above. If you don’t check this box, you could end up transacting on a minority blockchain after August 1, and your transactions will be at risk of getting reversed.

If you want to better protect your privacy when using Electrum, then on the Network screen select “SOCKS5” proxy on localhost port 9150 then click OK. Close Electrum then open Tor on your computer. Restart Electrum and it should sync with the Electrum server over Tor. Make sure whenever you use Tor with Electrum that you start Tor BEFORE you open Electrum and close Tor AFTER you close Electrum.

For more info about the BIP148 UASF you can read through these posts and the links contained therein:

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