46 Days to SegWit: Growing Consensus in the Bitcoin Economy

You can read previous posts in this series here and here. You can find my guide about how to enforce the BIP148 UASF with your Electrum bitcoin wallet here. For templates that you can use to fill-in-the-blank and request that your favorite economic nodes and mining pools support the BIP148 UASF, scroll to the bottom of this post.

A lot has happened since last week’s blog post about the BIP148 UASF. Bitmain, the largest ASIC miner manufacturer, released their “contingency plan” for a “User Activated Hard Fork” in case the BIP148 UASF activates before the Segwit2x soft fork. The way I read this is that Bitmain is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid activating SegWit, which is quite surprising given that less than a month ago they signed the Segwit2x agreement to activate SegWit. If Bitmain would just signal for SegWit via BIP141 now, that would go a long way towards preventing a chain split on August 1. But I digress.

In more positive news, bitcoin developer James Hilliard submitted a pull request to the Segwit2x GitHub repository yesterday with code that attempts to make the Segwit2x deployment compatible with BIP148. While it’s not as good a solution as it would have been to make the proposal compatible from the start, this is likely the next best thing at this juncture. For that, I thank James for making the effort.

Continuing the theme of support for SegWit and BIP148, several important economic nodes have recently announced their support, undoubtedly thanks to the many supporters who have voiced their preference in public and private messages. These economic nodes include Ledger, a hardware wallet manufacturer, and the team behind Bitsquare, a decentralized exchange application. You can learn more about the growing support for SegWit and BIP148 among developers and economic nodes on this page of the bitcoin wiki.

If you support the BIP148 UASF, you should contact the folks behind your favorite wallets and exchanges if you haven’t already and ask them to enforce the BIP148 UASF. You can find fill-in-the-blank templates to do this at the bottom of the post here.

Since last week’s blog post I was also invited onto three different YouTube shows to discuss SegWit and the BIP148 UASF. You can watch these episodes below:

Hungarian Crypto Show


This Week in Bitcoin


Bitcoin News #42


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