The end of an era: domain names for sale

Back in 2013 I started two websites:, a blog that eventually became host to my podcast P2P Connects Us, and, a website that advertised my consulting services to investors and businesses interested in learning about bitcoin and getting set up to use it securely.

Since then, P2P Connects Us has been put on permanent hiatus and I no longer offer consulting services except to a small handful of loyal clients and referrals. I therefore have no need for these websites any more and will be letting the domains expire if no one offers me a favorable price for them.

Here are the domains that I am selling related to these websites and what I will sell them for: – $20 OBO – $20 OBO

There’s nothing too special about these names, so I am basically offering them at cost with a small premium for the time it takes to transfer them. – $500 OBO – $500 OBO

I think these domains are more valuable than the P2P Connects Us domains and could be worth more over time depending on how bitcoin adoption goes. For a while, was the #1 result for the “bitcoin consultant” search term. It is currently #2 or #3 depending on the day and which search engine you use, which I believe is due to the fact that I never update the site. It’s possible a little maintenance could take this domain back to the top spot due to back-links from larger websites like Forbes and CoinDesk. (But no guarantees or warranties on this point! I am not an SEO expert.)

OBO means “or best offer”, so if any of these prices are too rich for your taste, but you want the domain, send me your best offer. I will sell to the best offer made between now and when these domain names expire, at my discretion. In all likelihood this means I will sell to the first offer but no promises. If no offers are made, I will simply let the domains expire. You can use whois to see when they expire if you are curious.

I will only accept BTC, DAI, ETH, XMR, or ZEC for payment because I don’t want to have to worry about chargebacks and these are the currencies that are most liquid in my network.

If interested, you can send offers via any of the methods listed on my contact page.

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