In addition to my roles in the projects listed below, I have been a volunteer contributor to free software projects such as Bitcoin, Blockstack, GnuPG, Linux, Signal, Tor, and others. My contributions mainly consist of documentation and education, helping new users understand the “how” and “why” behind these technologies. When I’m not working or volunteering, I spend time outdoors, working out, watching videos, reading and learning, and enjoying music.

Maintainer, Decentralized Marketplace Directory


In 2018 I created the Decentralized Marketplace Directory, a comprehensive list of decentralized marketplaces and decentralized marketplace protocols.

Decentralized marketplaces are software applications that enable discovery between online buyers and sellers without having to rely on a central third-party server. Decentralized marketplace protocols are software standards that enable different marketplace interfaces to be interoperable with one another. These protocols are often implemented in reference applications that can be used to access a decentralized marketplace or network of marketplaces.

I decided to start this project because a) I believe that decentralized marketplaces and related protocols are an important building block for a freer, more prosperous society and b) I was not able to find such a comprehensive list before I started this one.

Contribute to the open-source directory on GitHub:


Co-organizer, Decentralized Web Summit 

The Decentralized Web Summit was a sold-out, three-day event for high level discussions among leaders from around the globe working on decentralized technologies. The event was hosted at the Internet Archive and supported by EFF, Mozilla, Google, and many other generous sponsors.

Keynote speakers included Mozilla chief executive Mitchell Baker, worldwide web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, TCP/IP co-inventor Vint Cerf, activist/author Cory Doctorow, and Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle.

I was a co-organizer for the first edition in 2016 and the follow up in 2018. My role included inviting speakers to attend the Builder’s Day in 2016, helping to plan the event agenda, managing social media for the Internet Archive, creating content for the event website, and coordinating lightning talk speakers and workshops hosts for the Decentralized Web Meetup.


Co-organizer, Blockstack Summit 2015

Blockstack Summit 2015 was a sold-out event and the first ever developer-focused blockchain conference. The event was hosted at NYU and supported by, Chain, itBit, and other generous sponsors.

The morning session featured a keynote speech by NYU Professor Lakshmi Subramanian, Ph.D and lightning talks from decentralized application developers who presented challenges and lessons they have encountered while building with the blockchain.

The afternoon session featured self-organized workshop groups where attendees worked to solve problems or push forward initiatives in a group setting. The evening session featured an investor panel including Albert Wenger (Partner, Union Square Ventures), Jalak Jobanputra (Founder, Future/Perfect Ventures), Naval Ravikant (Co-founder, AngelList; angel investor), and William Mougayar (angel investor), moderated by Princeton Professor JP Singh, Ph.D.

My role included helping with creating content for the website, setting the agenda, coordinating lightning talk speakers, raising sponsorship funding, securing the venue, ordering food/drink for the day, and MC’ing the event.


Author, Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank

Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank is an ebook and tutorial guide about how you can use Bitcoin to “be your own bank.” Each chapter teaches a different way to use Bitcoin to replace the various functions of a bank, including keeping track of account balances, creating new money, sending, receiving, and storing money, finance for businesses and personal projects, notarizing documents and files, and issuing securities and other digital assets. The First Edition of the ebook was released in June 2015.

My role includes writing, editing, and formatting the book, hiring the cover designer, creating the marketing website for the book, and promoting the book through speaking opportunities and social media.


Co-founder, Bitseed

Founded in 2015, Bitseed built hardware and free software that made it easy for anyone to run their own Bitcoin full node. Bitseed officially closed shop in June 2019.

Full nodes are part of the core infrastructure of the Bitcoin network, responsible for storing a full copy of the blockchain, uploading historical block data, and relaying new blocks and transactions to peers on the network.

Bitcoin is designed to eliminate the need for trusted third parties in online transactions, and this is only possible when Bitcoin users rely on their own trusted full node to verify the blockchain. Once users have their own trusted full node, they can securely access any information stored in the blockchain, including bitcoin and colored coins transactions and embedded metadata from protocols like Blockstack and Counterparty.

My role included writing and publishing content for the website, including announcements, technical documentation, and the Bitseed Broadcast newsletter. I also kept Bitseed social media accounts up to date, helped with customer support inquiries, pursued business development and marketing opportunities, tested new features and reported bugs, and advised on the general direction of the project.


Writer, The okTurtles Foundation

The okTurtles Foundation is a non-profit with the mission of “supporting beneficial decentralization technology.” What this means in practice is researching, developing, and publishing reports about decentralized applications that have the potential to affect people’s lives in positive ways. Projects of the Foundation include DNSChain, the okTurtles browser extension, Group Currency, and Group Income.

While I am no longer active with okTurtles, I remain a supporter of the Foundation. While I was working with them, I was helping with grant applications and writing posts for the okTurtles blog. The first blog post I published for okTurtles hit the front page of Hacker News, sparking a discussion about decentralized alternatives to Slack, a team chat application.


Writer and podcast host, P2P Connects Us

P2P Connects Us is a blog and podcast series featuring opinions, news, and interviews about peer-to-peer philosophy, technology and culture. As a member of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network, all P2P Connects Us posts are syndicated on the home page of This project is currently on hiatus.

My role included writing and editing blog posts and podcast show notes, interviewing podcast guests, editing and publishing podcast episodes, and interacting with the P2P Connects Us listener community.


Founder and organizer, Buttonwood SF

Buttonwood SF is a meetup in San Francisco, CA where bitcoin traders can meet to trade bitcoin and other digital currencies in a public group setting. New bitcoin users are encouraged to attend and learn about the technology from experienced enthusiasts and traders.

The first Buttonwood SF meetup was attended by a dozen members of the local bitcoin trading community, including renowned Bitcoin author and public speaker Andreas Antonopoulos. Buttonwood SF has since been featured on and CoinDesk.

My role included creating the meetup account, promoting the meetup to the local bitcoin community, and paying the organizer dues with help from community bitcoin contributions.

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